Older dogs and newer tricks

Today, we took our beloved 10 year old black Lab, Robin, for her second acupuncture treatment.  She has spondylosis, which basically comes down to being lower back problems brought on by age.  The summer has been hard for her as various treatment ideas were explored, but this one is a delight.  Since her first treatment last week, she has been just this side of capering and cavorting.  Watching her legs move easily instead of stiffly is a dream come true for us.

I don’t and won’t let go of my older pets.  I’m just not built that way.  I also will not allow them to suffer needlessly so that I can have their company for awhile longer.  The “Dog Save” piece I put on my FB page brought this to mind.  

Robin and I are just about the same age.  While she was waiting for her first acupuncture treatment, I just did for her what I needed to do for myself.  If it was raining and my lower back was griping, I gave Robin her pain pill.  We’re basically old ladies at “the home” together – it’s just that it’s OUR home.

She got the full treatment: scented candles, soft blanket, fountain, meditation music, darkened room.  Her only problem was that because of where the needles were placed, she couldn’t lie down or wag her tail.  And so, I held up her head and neck and talked mush to her while a vet tech held up her lower body.  For half an hour.  Guess what?  My back hurts!  BUT HERS DOESN’T!


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