Response to a Fear-making Article


I’m writing a response to and essay called “How to Destroy America”.  When we became the “melting pot”, we had the big dreams without the slightest notion of what that would mean over time.  Now, as we see even parts of Europe breaking down, autonomy by one group appears to be slipping away.  In essence, we are watching the white race become a minority, worldwide.   The same thing is happening in Britain.  Foreigners are being warned to “pack their bags”, even people who have existed for generations in that place.  Hitler called it the mongrelization of the race and killed millions of innocents while trying to prevent it.  And yet it is coming.  That much is clear.  What can we do?

We have at least two choices. 1) We can allow it to happen naturally, making adjustments to our culture over the decades as needed, in order to keep this melting pot, or tossed salad, focused and productive.  That will take an enormous amount of mental and physical adjustment.  Certainly, our ideas and traditions will be tossed and changed.  2) We can resist, take up arms, and try to kill enough people to even the numbers.  Why would I want to do that?  It might be my group that is massacred.  White supremacists here and abroad are loud in their demonstrations of resistance.  What are they trying to save?  People of different cultures and races have mated and reproduced.  Sex doesn’t discriminate.  If we had maintained racial purity and put everyone different from us in their own countries…what would life be like now?

I believe that we are at a truly critical moment in human history.  How we will handle it is the ultimate question.  Will we continue to try to make race the dividing line between one group and another?  What if we decided that all people really are equally entitled and then put our efforts into making food and health and citizenship available to all?  Without differences in color, how would we decide who could or could not have the jobs, education, health care, etc. available to the privileged?  Color is the easiest way to tell who’s who!  But it’s so easy anyone can do it.  How will we measure human worth when color is not the biggest clue?

Our inevitable mongrelization stands to make us all safer, stronger and better in the long run.  If you can survive it. White supremacy will not stand, no matter what.  Our numbers are already too low to rebound.  Donald Trump doesn’t even know what a symbol he is!  “Make America great again” is pulling at people’s fear of the change that has already come.  They want it to go away, and they’re willing to build a wall to keep it out.  Trump says we’re a mess because of it; and people look past his madness and believe in his cause. Can we learn to make a better, stronger world, seeing ourselves as Americans or British or Germans or Mexicans or French or persons only by virtue of our citizenship?  Are we strong enough to see all of this as growth and decide to go with it and see where it leads?  What could happen if Caucasians don’t have all of the power?   They’ve brought us to this moment.  That’s the big question now. Fasten your seatbelts.  It’s going to be a bumpy ride.  (c)  July 16, 2016


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